Our oils are monovarietal, from Arbequina olives.

This variety of fruit achieves that a simple dish obtains a series of nuances, aromas, tastes, very balanced, soft but intense at the same time and that can come to combine with practically everything. Olive is small, but with so much more oil is extracted from this size than others. The reason is that it is greasy, which is why it brings a more intense flavor.

Cold pressed oils in a mill of the region of La Noguera (Lleida).

We market our product with 4 different containers: 5 liter, 2 liter bottle, 500 ml bottles and 250 ml basically focused on fine food retailers and Horeca channel (B2B) but without neglecting the increasingly enduring demand of the final consumer that every values more carefully the high quality product (B2C).

Exclusively, olive oil elixir has been elaborated, Terra La Vita Green Oil Chlorophyll.

An oil where the high concentration of chlorophyll with a perfect bottle design
500 ml makes it visually has a greenish color and a unique flavor. The first oil of the season, the essence of green oil, an oil with a lot of personality, with intense aroma, savory flavor and slightly spicy.

The Finestres family, after many years of enjoying the close and emotional experience of the process of collecting and producing olive oil, want us to enjoy ourselves by sharing and enjoying on the table of this precious being that the earth gives us.

“My origins already enjoyed the sensory pleasures that a good family meal brings. And this heritage has been gourmet for my memory since my childhood.
At home, has never failed our oiler on the table, an emblematic element of the Catalan gastronomy. For years we are producers of proximity olive oil, but the memory of this setrill is the reason that has led me to want to commercialize and distribute the oil of the family, a quality oil and proximity, Constant and overcoming learning is not lacking.

I can only thank myself for all that he gives us
And we hope that gives us much more to be able to continue enjoying
of this excellent taste on the palate.
Discover it! “

Albert Finestres Terra La Vita