Clorofil·la Oil



It is our “limited edition”, the first oil of the season, the essence of green oil, an oil with a lot of personality, with intense aroma, wild flavor and slightly spicy.

The high concentration of chlorophyll causes visually to have this green color and a unique flavor, where the natural properties that the olive offers are perfectly recognized.

100% Arbequina

Intense green color, pure chlorophyll. Green olive in its maximum expression. The essence of the green olives at its highest point collected and milled just before entering the autumn. Green oil pressed cold unfiltered, with conical decantation for 3 weeks.

It is the essence of the essences with a very balanced taste, slightly spicy and with a long taste trip to the palate. He is the king of oils, the greatest exponent of Terra la Vita, created for unlimited palates seeking the ends of flavors.

Technical datasheet

500ml bottle

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