The olive tree, one of the trees par excellence in the Mediterranean culture. The tree symbolises immortality since it has been on Earth for thousands of years. Therefore, it is easy to associate it with a family legacy such as ours. The Finestres family has owned, for years, land in the municipality of Artesa de Segre. Every fruit that grows is life, and this is the essence of our brand: Terra La Vita

Our range of oils

All our oils are monovarietal, from 100% Arbequina olives

Tradition and quality

The Finestres family, after many years of enjoying the close and emotional experience of the process of collecting and producing olive oil, want us to enjoy ourselves by sharing and enjoying on the table of this precious being that the earth gives us.

The extra virgin olive oil is extracted exclusively by means of mechanical procedures in thermal conditions that do not produce any alteration to the final product, that is why the health of the fruit is extremely important and the correct grinding to the mill.

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